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2023 Summer Programs

Special Thanks to Jen Stephenson for music and Holly Gilster, Bridget S. Dunne and Tait Alexander for housing.

Production Crew

Executive Director - Leslee Richards

Artistic Director - Micah Linford

Director (A Midsummer Night's Dream) - Julia Thudium

Director (The Comedy of Errors) - Paul Ford

Technical Director - Justin Salada

Asst Technical Director - Graham Leisey

Festival Stage Manager - Donna Marie Barra

Rehearsal Stage Manager (MND) - Mark Frederick

Rehearsal Stage Manager (CoE) - Donna Marie Barra

Asst Stage Manager (MND) - Lauren Jae McDonald

Production Stage Manager (MND) - Vicki Marie Singer

Production Stage Manager (CoE) - Toccoa Clark

Asst Stage Manager (C0E) - Kate Eade

Costume Designer (MND) - Jacob Griego

Costume Designer (CoE) - Kaylee Lynora Silcocks-Gore

Lighting Designer - Nick Tapia

Property Designer - Maureen Conheady-Trujillo

Set Designer - Valeria Rios-Giermakowski

Sound Designer - Josh Brown

Audio Sound Engineer - Joshua Griego

Foley Director (CoE)- Holly Deuel Gilster

Choreographer (MND) - Jessica Quindlen

Music Director (MND) - Amy Bourque

Fight Choreographer (MND) - Tait Alexander

Master Carpenter - Stuart Rupprecht

Wardrobe Crew (MND) - Ali Cuellar

Wardrobe Crew (CoE) - Natalia Godin

Wardrobe Crew (CoE) - Jason Godin

Board Operator (MND) - Vicki Marie Singer

Board Operator (CoE) - Toccoa Clark

Marketing/Publicity - Bridget S. Dunne

Videographer/Asst Marketing - Danger K Varoz

Greenshow Coordinator - Rebecca Smith

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